What do I need to apply and sign up?

To receive prequalified offers, you will only need to provide your full name, e-mail, address and date of birth - we will use this information to conduct a soft credit pull and find information relating to your vehicle and existing loan. If we cannot conduct the soft credit pull or locate your vehicle/loan information, we may follow up asking for additional information.

If you do accept an offer and choose to refinance with us, we will need additional information to complete a few final steps: 

  • Current Lender Payoff: Social Security number, current lender’s name, phone number and current loan account number.
  • DMV Lien Transfer: Vehicle color and photo of your driver’s license. 
  • Autopay Setup: Photo of a voided check from your bank or your bank name, account number, routing number.
  • Insurance Verification: Copy of your vehicle’s insurance policy. 

Getting this information together before applying for financing might help make the process smoother. And doing research or talking to an expert may help you decide what financing option makes the most sense for you.

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