How  does refinancing work?

  • Pre-Qualification: Submit an application to see if you pre-qualify to refinance your current auto loan with no impact to your credit score.
  • Credit Application: Select the offer that you want and complete your credit application. This will result in an inquiry posted to your consumer credit report.
  • Finalize: E-Sign your contract, enter your current lender details, and if needed, send in any supporting documents. The Tenet Customer Service team will then begin to process your application, and may call you to verify the information submitted on your application. You will also need to provide us with Title Transfer documents that vary by state.
  • Fees: Tenet does not charge an application fee. However, each state imposes a title transfer fee that can vary depending on the state in which you reside. This fee is charged by your state, not Tenet. We will pay this fee on your behalf and add it to your final loan amount.

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